George and Catharine Interview Mark Mariano

George: I personally liked interviewing Mark because it gave me an inside look on something that was pretty interesting to me. To be honest I learned a lot from Mark, such as how he got into the whole process, why he liked it, how he started to get into it and why he continues to do it. I also find it interesting that it was not his full time job because going into this project, I assumed that, that would be the case, but it is still pretty cool nonetheless. I found it interesting that he was nominated for a Harvey because it shows how much time and effort he really puts into it, despite it not being his full time job. I also thought it was cool how he liked some of the stuff that I enjoy, such as The Simpsons and some other old famous cartoons. I look forward to hearing more from Mark in our next project and I’m sure Catharine does as well. Mark seemed really excited to work with us and we both felt the same way coming out of this project together.

Catharine: I agree with George on a couple of the parts that he mentioned above.  I also thought that this was going to be Mark’s full time job.  It was a surprise to me that he did his comic book and illustrations on the side. He seems to be a very busy man and it’s inspiring that he finds time to do the stuff he loves.  Furthermore, I was very happy to hear that he has a child on the way!  The fact that he illustrates/writes children books shows that he definitely love kids and is probably very excited for the near future.  Another thing that I found very interesting is the way that he introduced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as one of his biggest inspirations.  He did not just go right out and say it, he kind of let us in on that fact through a creative way.  Overall, I thought the whole interview was very interesting.  I’ve never talked to someone who was into this kind of art form before and it was very cool to learn more about.  I think that Mark definitely has a very involved, creative and unique life style that our audience would enjoy hearing about.  As George said, I do look forward to talking more with the author and learning more about his goal and aspirations for his comic book and illustrating career.


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